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Teaching children strategies that help them reach their potential

Since Covid 19 the gap has widened, and many children are playing catch up. There is only so much teachers can do at school. Classes of 30 mean that teachers today have alot on their plate. By Tutor Treasure offering online tutoring for Primary School kids we are closing that gap. You may be asking the following questions: what do I do if my child is struggling at school? How can they progress faster? How can I help them overcome learning barriers.

At Tutor treasure we have the answers.

Who We Help

  • Children who need to catch Up

    Through experience we quickly identify gaps in learning .

  • Children who Are Energetic

    Learing should be active and fun. Even though we are online we often use songs and games to make our lessons engaging.

  • Children who need structure

    When we teach we follow planned lessons with clear objectives.

  • Children Who like To Have Fun

    At Tutor treasure we make it our mission tomake learning fun. If our classes are not enjoyable and engaging children get easily distracted.

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Tutor Treasure Summer School is Open!

Our summer school starts from Monday 1st August to Friday 26th August. We have a variety of classes for Years 1-6. Our classes are run by experienced tutors. They are planned with objectives from the National Curriculum. All classes are on Zoom.


Do you only teach online? Yes we don’t do go to homes. We teach via zoom.

What ages do you teach? We currently teach Primary aged children- Years 1-6

What size are your classes? Our group classes take up to 12 students.

Do you do 1 to 1 classes? No we do not offer this service at the moment. 

Why Choose Us For Online Tutoring

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Learn from the comfort of your home

Life is stressful enough without having to take your child to a centre to study. Now more than ever, the safety of your child comes first. Learning with Tutor Treasure means that neither  your child nor you have to leave the comfort of your home! 

We only do online tutoring and we make sure we use the latest software to supplement your child’s learning journey.



At TutorTreasure we know what we are doing. With over 14 years teaching experience we will confidently cater to your child’s needs. Lessons will be tailor made to ensure that lessons are fun,engaging but most importantly instrumental in the educational progress of your child.

Save Time & Money

 Time is money and money is time. Gone are the days when you would have to chauffeur your young one to a centre. Now you can save travel time and use it for another worthwhile cause. 

Saving money is now a number one priority for most households. Yet the quality of your child’s education needn’t be compromised. Choose Tutor Treasure for all your online tutoring needs.


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Monday – Saturday

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