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Tutoring Services

small groups

The beauty of an online tutoring service is that we can keep the numbers small and give a tailored service. At school children can sometimes become lost among the crowd. That’s not the case with Tutortreasure. We promise to keep the groups small and to correct misconceptions straight away so that yor child can develop at a faster rate.

1 to 1

Our 1 to 1 sessions are  created around your child’s targets. We begin by assessing the current level of your child, identifying misconceptions and building a structured plan that will ensure your child develops.


Informal assessment

Ongoing assessment is essential in any learning journey. Children need to know what they are doing well at,  what they are struggling with, and how can they improve.

Throughout the sessions children will be praised on what they know, corrected on any misconceptions and encouraged to move onto the next level.



When you join the tutoring programme and you book a  consultation your child will have an initial assessment.  This assessment will identify the steps your child needs to make in order to progress. 


Children and parents are continually supported at Tutortreasure. This comes in different methods such as feedback, resources, support calls and parent groups.

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Exciting News This Summer

We have an exciting Summer programme for 4-9 year olds. It is jam packed with fun activities covering main topics from the National Curriculum. Find out more here.