Summer School

Tutor Treasure’s first Summer School is running from Monday 16th August to Saturday 4th September for Reception to Year 4.

The Summer programme consists  of a Curriculum that is fun and thorough. It would be wrong to have activities during the summer that fail to engage, excite and entertain  kids so we have chosen topics that kids love. Be it learning about the fish in the sea, to animals in the rainforests and playing Maths games. There will be plenty for all enjoy. But we also have a Curriculum that is thorough. It covers all the areas of the Curriculum. In the English Curriculum each day we will have phonics/spellings. Repetition will help cement spelling patterns. In the Maths Curriculum each day there will be mental Maths exercises which will help mental recall.


8:30am-10:00am- Blue Group ( Rec-Year 1)

10:30am-12:00pm- Green Group ( Years 1-2)

1:00pm-2:30pm- Blue Group ( Years 3- 4)

Summer Programme

English summer programme
Maths timetable

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